About us

Children we support are special, like all the children in the world. They all deserve to fight for a better life alongside with their parents. If you can, help them to win!

Help Autism Association was founded in 2010, after a personal experience of the founders who fought for their children recovery, diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. Driven by the people who supported them and by the challenges as parents, they started the activity for autism awareness, recovery of many children and counseling and support for their families.

For 5 years, Help Autism Association is actively involved in the development of autism awareness programs, early diagnosis and early intervention plans for children with autism.

Help Autism is a pioneer in changing the status of autism in Romania, in addition to therapy services offered. The Association is running lobbying activities, public-private partnerships and it is co-organizer of the Bucharest International Conference ABA - the science underpinning the recovery therapies in autism.

Help Autism Projects

Free therapy for children with ASD at Titan Psychiatric Hospital

Together with our volunteers we find financing solutions for 300 children with autism spectrum disorder.

Help Autism Association in partnership with the Psychiatric Hospital Titan " Dr. Constantin Gorgos ", Applied Behavior Analysis Institute of Norway and the Romanian League for Mental Health , organized a conference to launch the project" Improving the diagnosis , evaluation and rehabilitation for children with ASD . "

The project aims to improve services related to medical care provided by Psychiatric Hospital Titan " Dr. Constantin Gorgos " with real recovery opportunities for children with autistic spectrum disorder .

Daniela Bololoi – the President Help Autism Association, developer of the project, explained how children with ASD are going through the process and the impact of the project on them: "After the hospital doctors diagnose the child, the parents no longer need to seek solutions for psychological assessment and therapeutic intervention . The psychiatrist will direct them to our specialists who will work in the hospital, and the child will have daily individualized therapy . "

The experience in partnerships and the Norway research institute have opened the doors of government institutions and the City Hall, the ministry and the hospital, which agreed that only a joint effort will provide children with ASD the access to recovery. " declared Daniela Bololoi.

Project developed in partnership with the Social European Fund.

Help Autism Association is involved in solving social problems of disadvantaged people, aiming to increase awareness of autism among the population. This is part of a project co-financed from the European Social Fund which permanently supports programs for early diagnosis and early intervention for children with autism by including them into customized therapeutic programs.

One of the main projects of the Association is the Applied Behavioral Analysis National Conference (ABA ) an accredited event by the College of Psychologists and the College of Physicians in Romania.

Free services for children with ASD in the center of Pipera

Due to the lack of evaluation tests that can lead to major diagnosis errors, Help Autism Association, with the support of Kaufland Romania, opened a center for diagnosis and early intervention in autism in Bucharest. Pipera Help Autism Center provides free diagnostic services for pervasive developmental disorders, and support for families of children diagnosed though daily therapy for children by intensive and personalized programs of applied behavior analysis.

Help Autism Connect

Help Autism Association, together with Applied Behavioral Therapy Association launches "Help Autism Connect Project- involving the community to support the children with ASD." The project aims to apply the model and good practices arise from the extensive experience of the two partner associations, as widely as possible, to help children with ASD and their families. This project aims to:

1. increasing the number of beneficiaries of Help Autism Association with 50 new members who will be actively involved in decision-making across the organization for a period of 7 months.

2. attracting 50 new volunteers who, along with the 350 volunteers of the Autism Help, will be involved in fundraising activities, therapy and administration.

3. Developing an web portal as a tool for information and inter-connecting of families with ASD children with professionals, social service providers, educational and medical fields. This platform will increase awareness in the families in need, will create a virtual community to support children with ASD.

Description of the program “Parent to Parent” 2015-2016

Help Autism Association continues in 2015 the program “Parent to Parent”, with the second edition.

For the second year of the program, Help Autism allocated a budget of 45,000 Euro for daily therapy for one year, 25 children coming from families that cannot afford to pay the child’s therapy and who are living in Bucharest or surroundings. The program will be run in two Help Autism centers. The money were raised last year through other parents efforts, already beneficiaries of the association.


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