Redirect 2%. Help a child with autism understand our world!

 Redirect 2% of your income tax and change the story of a child with autism.

The amount representing 2% of the individual income tax, due to the state, may be directed to a non profit organization of your choice! Choose Help Autism!


It doesn's cost a thing!

You contribute to the efficiency of public spending!

The average amount representing 2% of the income tax is 70 lei, the cost of 2 hours of therapy for a child with autism. In order to have a real chance at normality, a child with ADS needs 2 to 8 hours daily, five days a week, and the recovery program may go on for years.

By directing this amount toward Help Autism you grant a chance to children with autistic spectrum disorders to have access to the therapy that can completely change their life.

How do you do that?

Help Autism provides you with forms 230 and 200, which you can download at the link below.

Fill in the statement form corresponding to your source of income:

For wage income: Fill in declaration 230 (A and B). If you do not know the amount coresponding to 2% of your tax, you can leave the box blank and it will be calculated by the tax authorities.

If you have income from other sources (rental and leasing, royalties, etc.) fill in declaration 200.

For collecting and submitting the forms send us a message at: or fill in the form in the contact section of the site and we will take care of this task.

LEGAL BASIS: Tax Code, Art. 84 of Law 571/2003

(2) Taxpayers may decide on the destination of an amount representing 2% of the tax on annual income, net annual taxable income from transfer of securities other than shares and securities of closed companies, net annual gain from sale of foreign currency operations and other such operations, in order to support non-profit entities that are established and operate under the law, religious units, as well as private scholarships, according to the law.


Download here forms 230 or200.