ABA Course

Developed by therapists and coordinators in order to professionalize the personnel involved in the recovery of children with ASD, the "Applied behavioral therapy in children with autism spectrum disorder" course is a combination of theoretical modules with multiple hours of supervised practice.

The Help Autism therapy centers are known by the high standards of application of the ABA techniques through carefully monitored therapeutic programs. The course for therapists comes as a result of the experience in working directly and differentiated with 150 children with autistic spectrum disorders.

Course accredited by the College of Psychologists of Romania.

The number of credits awarded: 60

The payment deadline is one week from the date of registration, otherwise the registration will be canceled automatically.

For registrations in the last week before the course, payment must be made within 48 hours of signing up.

Seats available: 10


Adriana Balsanu - Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist in supervision, ABA therapist and coordinator - to be accredited BCBA

Violeta Mihalaşcu - Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist cognitive-behavioral in supervision, ABA therapist and coordinator - to be accredited BCBA

Camelia Crismariu - pedagogue, therapist and coordinator ABA - to be accredited BCBA

Ionela Tudorascu - Psychologist and Psychotherapist Cognitive-behavioral in supervision, ABA therapist and coordinator - to be accredited BCBA

Course Location: str. Delea Noua, nr. 36

Location hours of practice:

• Casa Soarelui, str. Pazon Marin, nr. 2-4, sector 3

• Aviatorilor Center, str. Emanuel Porumbaru, no. 75, sector 1

• Malin Center, Entrance starlings, nr 9, District 3

• Help Autism Delea Noua Center, str. Delea Noua No 36, sector 3

Target: The course addresses all students in psychology or adjacent faculties: pedagogy, sociology, social work, medicine.


First theory module - Theoretical guidelines of autism



causes of autism

sensory integration

Applied behavioral therapy (ABA therapy)

ABA therapy,



Functional analysis of behavior

Skills assessment and diagnosis

Forming a work team in ABA therapy

Second theory module - ABA Method

ABA therapy benefits

Describing the principles of behavior analysis

Specialized Terms in ABA therapy

Learning rules in ABA therapy

Organizing a work session

Case Study

Integration into the mainstream education of children with ASD

Shadow or aid at kindergarten

The therapeutic and ethical relationship in ABA therapy

Practice Module:

Participants will take part in 48 hours of practice and have the chance to interact directly with 90 children with autism aged 1.5 to 11 years, in Help Autism Centers Delea Noua and Casa Soarelui.

Students will have the opportunity to engage effectively in the contingency plans of children with different diagnosis: autism, atypical autism, ADHD, delayed language development or retardation.

They will have the chance to observe the different approaches of the therapists working in the four centers in Bucharest.

Direct benefits:

Upon completion of the course, a participation diploma and certificate of practice will be issued.

Active participants have the opportunity to collaborate with the association through involvement in volunteer programs for lifelong learning and later employability.

Note: The money raised from the fee will be used to support Autism Help Centers activity.


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