Direct debit - A new way by which anyone can give opportunities to childhood

Special children, different stories!

Childhood is full of color, laughter, play, dreams, friendship and future plans. For 1 in 68 children, however, childhood means silence, solitude and incomprehensible. They are the special children for whom happiness is learned in the therapy room.

Join us and together we can change the stories of children with autism!

For over 6 years we have undertaken the mission to support as many families struggling with the diagnosis of autism.

For the autistic child the therapy room comprises the whole universe. Here, he learns his first words, expresses his first emotions and learns about all things in the world.

The step from individual therapy to integration in the community is one of the biggest challenges both for him and for the teacher and peers who must accept and integrate him.

Therefore, we developed a system of education, socialization and integration to help our children have a seamless transition between the therapy room and mainstream education.

Contribute to a special child's opportunity to enjoy his childhood! Direct debit is an easy way by which you can support the integration programs.

You can choose to donate monthly 15, 20, 25 lei or whatever amount you believe you can assign a cause close to your heart and we will show you how, together, people can perform miracles.



You can at any time decide to stop the donation.

Banks do not charge the donor commission for paid amounts.

If you want to know more about how to get involved email us at or call us at  0726 065 074

Thank you!

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